Traditional Crop Biodiversity for Mountain Food and Nutrition Security in Nepal
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June 2020


This book aims to document the importance of traditional mountain crops, the research and development actions, methodological tools, and approaches used to increase their value and utilization, as well as mainstreaming their use at the local decision making and national policy levels. The research team members from NARC, LI-BIRD and Bioversity International have jointly generated research results and piloted methodological tools, which are documented here in the form of research paper chapters. Research was carried out in four project sites of Humla, Jumla, Lamjung and Dolakha through the project “Integrating Traditional Crop Genetic Diversity into Technology: Using a Biodiversity Portfolio Approach to Buffer against Unpredictable Environmental Change in the Nepal Himalayas”, commonly called as Local Crop Project (LCP) from 2014 to 2019. The information generated was analysed, field validated, peer reviewed and edited by the editors for their finalization and inclusion in this book. Many of these papers were conceptualized and drafted in Writeshops conducted in 2015, 2016 and 2019 by the project that were held in Pokhara. They were further refined based on peer reviews of their presentation in project annual planning and review workshops, and in a national sharing workshop held in February 24, 2020. Twenty papers were selected from a peer review panel.