Regional Capacity Building Training Programme on Participatory Plant Breeding (PPB)


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November 2009


Community-based Biodiversity Management South Asia Programme 29th Oct-3rd Nov 2009, Pokhara, Nepal

Community-based Biodiversity Management South Asia (CBM-SA) is a regional programme to capitalise on and promote regional experiences, eff orts, synergy and commitment to take urgent actions for a sustainable management of genetic resources and developing climate change resilience leading to secured livelihoods of millions of resource poor farmers of the region. Currently partners from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Tibet, China have been involved in regional programme. Mutual learning and capacity building with cross fertilization of ideas and experiences, community empowerment, grassroots research and “evidence based” policy work form the basis of the CBM SA programme. In this context, new innovations and opportunities to further strengthen the CBM approach like Participatory Plant Breeding (PPB) has been anticipated to enhance the conservation of agrobiodiversity of South Asian region in the long run.
<br>This regional PPB training is a part of the CBMSA programme with the objective to build the relevant country programme capacity to manage the agrobiodiversity through breeding approach. The experiences and learning from this training programme will guide to formulate and design country specific PPB programmes.