Enhanced Action of Inclusive CSOs for Participation in Climate Resilient Economic Growth (UTHAN)

Local Initiative for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD), with financial support of European Union (EU) through the Dan Church Aid (DCA), Nepal has been implementing a three years project entitled ‘Enhanced Action of Inclusive CSOs for Participation in Climate Resilient Economic Growth (UTHAN)’ in Kanchanpur and Dailekh districts. The main responsibility of LI-BIRD in this project is to provide technical support to the local implementing partners namely Nepal National Social Welfare Association (NNSWA) and Social Service Centre (SOSEC) based in Kanchanpur and Dailekh districts, respectively. 

The project aims at promoting inclusive, sustainable and climate resilient economic growth through meaningful CSOs participation and accountable local governance in Karnali and Sudurpashchim Pradesh (Provinces) of Nepal. The specific objectives of the project are: i) to strengthen the capacity of CSOs and their networks, alliances and federations for continued exercise of human rights and meaningful engagement in climate-responsive local governance and activity implementations; ii) to demonstrate, promote and scale up Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) technologies and practices by CSOs for improving livelihoods and resilience of targeted groups; iii) to create an enabling environment for the meaningful participation of women, youth and marginalized groups and their initiatives for the promotion of CRA.

Implemented at Laljhadi Rural Municipality and Belauri Municipality of Kanchanpur district and, Aathabis and Dullu Municipalities of Dailekh district, the project aims to reach out 8,000 farming communities covering 120,000 farmers as beneficiaries. In this course, the project targets to work closely with 80 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) including women and youth led Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Community Forest User Groups (CFUGs), Community Disaster Management Committees (CDMCs), Local Adaptation Plan of Action (LAPA) groups, and their associated networks, alliances, federations and cooperatives; 12 private sectors including green enterprises, financial institutions, and insurance companies; and 16 district and national level networks and CSO federations. Additionally, the project has also targeted to strengthen capacity of 80 elected local representatives on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change (CC) related issues and adaptation strategies. Over the period of three years, the project intends to conduct study on CRA technologies and practices, and demonstrate eight appropriate technologies and practices through action research in each selected Palika in partnership basis.

Project Details



Working district

Kanchanpur, Dailekh

Province | Municipality

2020 - 2022


Dan Church Aid, Nepal National Social Welfare Association (NNSWA), Social Service Center (SOSEC) Nepal

Funded by

European Union, Dan Church Aid (DCA)

Household Coverage
Contact Person

Laxman Khatri

E-mail: laxman.kc@libird.org

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