NABIC Newsletter Issue 4 November 2013 [Nepali]


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November 2013


The secretariat at LI-BIRD, with the technical support from USC Canada Asia and NABIC partners, has published NABIC’s fourth volume of newsletter for November 2013. The issue mainly covers the issues of farmers’ rights, news and updates on the network and partners’ work, an article on yak rearing, case study of custodian farmer (Ms. Shanta Bohora), success stories from the field (Shivaganj, Jhapa), information/ introduction of underutilized species: Mango ginger or white turmeric (Curcuma amada Roxburgh) and information about the popular and hot chilli ghost pepper (Capsicum chinense Jacquin ). The secretariat is very pleased to have increased the contribution of the network partners and will work towards maintaining the contributions in the future.