An Introduction to Mango Ginger [Nepali]

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October 2013


Amadi (Curcuma amada Roxb.) or mango ginger is a rhizome grown by a small number of farmers in Nepal over a wide area from 100 masl in the terai to 2000 masl in the mid-hills. It is used mainly to flavour pickles and relishes (chutney). Traditional ayurvedic knowledge also recognizes it for its medicinal use. Due to its unique mango flavour, amadi has great potential for wider use in various culinary preparations. However, due to limited knowledge and research on it, this crop is currently underutilized. This booklet, targeted at farmers and extention workers, is an attempt to raise awareness about amadi, document farmers’ practices and provide practical guidelines to interested growers. This publication was possible thanks to the continuing support from the Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation (SDC), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the European Commission. It is an output of collaboration between the home garden and neglected and underutilized species projects being implemented by LI-BIRD in Nepal.