Agricultural Innovations for Food and Nutrition Security

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Agricultural Innovations for Food and Nutrition Security


To improve the food and nutrition security of our impact group through investment in knowledge, innovations, and solutions.

The remote rural areas of Nepal, especially the mid and far western regions, are characterised by inaccessibility, marginality, and fragility. Recurrent food insecurity is a common phenomenon, and great disparity exists within the region. Women and children are undernourished and are the most vulnerable population. The landless and land poor populations in the Terai face a similar situation. This programme will enhance knowledge, skills, and develop and deliver tailored solutions to improve their food and nutrition security by employing participatory approaches to innovative development.

To achieve this objective, within five year, LI-BIRD will:

  • Improve farmers’ access to quality seeds building on its ongoing work on community seed banks, and through partnership with private seed companies and seed producer groups;
  • Enhance knowledge and skills of smallholder farmers, particularly women, for sustainable production and consumption of diverse nutritious food;
  • Accelerate targeted participatory crop improvement research activities with focus on nutritious and resilient but under-utilized local crop species; and
  • Identify and examine early wins and share critical success factors pertaining to scaling-up promising food and nutrition solutions, and support at least three initiatives delivering food and nutrition solutions at scale.
Emergency Preparedness and Response
To build institutional capacity for delivering effective emergency response to disaster affected communities.
Knowledge Management and Capacity Building
To institutionalize knowledge management and capacity building for wider impact and strengthening organizational learning.