LCCI acknowledges LI-BIRD for its contribution on biodiversity and watershed conservation

The Lekhanath Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) felicitated LI-BIRD with ‘Letter of Appreciation’ in its 21st Anniversary Programme organized at Lekhanath Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 4 July 2017. The LCCI honored LI-BIRD for its long term engagement and commitment for the environmental conservation and sustainable development of the Lekhanath area. LI-BIRD has been recognized as an institution playing an instrumental role in the biodiversity and watershed conservation of the Lekhnath area.  

Mr. Laxmi Prasad Tripathi, President of LCCI, congratulating Mr. Krishna Prasad Baral, Chairperson of LI-BIRD. Photo: Hem G.C., LI-BIRD.

The honor has been supported by the endowment fund created at LCCI with contribution from Mr. Krishna Prasad Dhungana, a resident and entrepreneur of Lekhanath. The award is provided on an annual basis to any individual or organization committed to the improvement of the environment of Lekhanath area. Emphasizing LI-BIRD’s commitment towards the development of Lekhanath for over a decade, Mr. Babu Ram Giri, Former President of LCCI, said: “We have realized the significant and exemplary contribution of LI-BIRD towards the biodiversity and environmental conservation of the Begnas and Rupa watershed. LI-BIRD has also played an important role in the management of tourist destinations of Lekhanath. That’s why we concluded that we need to acknowledge and appreciate LI-BIRD for the excellent works it has been doing for years for the betterment of Lekhanath area.”

(From left) Mr. Krishna Prasad Dhungana, Mr. Krishna Prasad Baral and Mr. Laxmi Prasad Tripathi. Photo: Hem G.C., LI-BIRD.

Receiving the ‘Letter of Appreciation’ on behalf of LI-BIRD, Mr. Krishna Prasad Baral, Chairperson of LI-BIRD Executive Board, thanked LCCI for recognizing and appreciating LI-BIRD’s continuous efforts from decades in the area. He shared that LI-BIRD and LCCI have been working in partnership since the establishment of LCCI.  

He mentioned that LI-BIRD initiated its activity in Lekhanath from around 2001 through In situ project and has been continuously working for the development of the area and actively engaged in the promotion of Lekhnath area at national and international forums. He appreciated the support received from communities, stakeholders, government agencies and private sectors. He further added, “We are committed to further work in the area. We have conceptualized plan to establish Academy, for research, development and capacity building, in Lekhanath.” He urged for the support of LCCI, private sectors, public sectors and other stakeholders of Pokhara Lekhanath metropolitan city and added, “We plan to develop tools and technologies for sustainable development to promote this area and benefit communities, farmers and natural resources.”