Integrating Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) into Agriculture Sectoral Plans and Local Development Plans
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May 2017


CSA is an integrated approach that uses a combination of technologies and practices to meet food security goals while adapting to, and mitigating climate change3. It includes proven practices, technologies and processes that help achieve a triple win for food security, adaptation, and mitigation4. CSA development in Nepal is responsiveness to the specific needs and challenges faced by women and small and marginal farmers as Nepalese agriculture is increasingly feminized. The government has made significant efforts to develop an enabling policy and few institutions (e.g. climate change sections in MoAD) to develop and scale up climate change solutions. Despite greater recognition for climate-smart technologies in policies and strategies, CSA is far from being integrated into annual plans and programmes of agriculture sector. Inadequate institutional framework, sparce studies on scaling up pathways that suits to CSA and insufficient skilful human resources could be among the possible constraints to integrate CSA in agriculture plans and programme.