Home Garden: A Boon for Terai Dalit Paswan Community in Siraha

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July 2018


Ms. Poonam Devi Paswan, a dalit farmer of Khirauna, Siraha, has been facing water problem for a long time. She has taken a lease of 10 katha land where she cultivates vegetables. However, she had only cultivated potatoes in her home garden. Due to drying of hand pumps, she hadn’t given much importance to her home garden. In 2017, she received support from RtF project for grey water collection, cattle shed improvement, training on vegetable nursery management, vegetable seeds, fruit saplings and technical guidance on the door step. Now in her 10 dhur home garden, she has grown a number of vegetables such as cauliflower, tomatoes, eggplant, beans and coriander which has significantly reduced her family expense. “I used to spend 2,500 Rupees monthly for buying vegetables. After managing my homegarden, we get to eat fresh vegetables and spend just about Rs. 500 every month for buying vegetables”, said Ms. Paswan.