Agro-biodiversity Management: An Opportunity for Mainstreaming Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change

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February 2009


Journal of Forest and Livelihood, vol. 8(1), 1684-0186.

Climate  risks  and  hazards  adversely  impact  the  livelihoods  of  local  communities.  Based  on  a  recent participatory  study  conducted  in  the  western  hills  of  Nepal,  this  article  explores  opportunities  and  strategies  for integrating  climate  change  adaptation  in  poverty  reduction  projects  and  programmes  in  ways  that  increase  the capacity of individuals, households and communities to respond to climate variability and change. The findings of the study  suggest  that  a  wide  array  of  agro‐biodiversity  management  strategies  offer  options  and  opportunities  for farmers  to  cope  with  the  adverse  impact  of  climate  change.  However,  this  is  possible  only  if  adaptation  is incorporated  into  the  existing development  efforts  with  sufficient  understanding  of  local  livelihood  context  and strategies instead of separately planning climate change adaptation programmes.