Adaptation to Drought: A Case of Sukha 3 Variety in Siraha
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July 2018


Siraha is one of the most vulnerable districts of Nepal affected by climate change. National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) 2010 has also classified Siraha district in a ‘very high vulnerable’ category in terms of drought risk. According to the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, monsoon rainfall in Siraha 2 Adaptation to Drought: Sukha 3 Paddy Variety is decreasing at an annual rate of 4.9 mm from 1971 to 2006, which means occurrence of drought is in increasing trend. This in turn has affected the agriculture and rice production. According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP), 38 southern and western VDCs in Siraha were severely affected with most paddy land remaining fallow in 2006. The farmers of the district also expressed that the rice productivity is highly affected by drought and they are spending more resources in ground water pumping.