रानी माैरी


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March 2017


Rani’s grandfather is preparing to go to an expedition on honey hunting with the villagers. Her mother and grandmother are preparing materials for the expedition. Rani is curiously watching them and is excited to taste the wild honey. While napping on the mat, Rani sees a large honey bee which is about three times larger than the honey bees at her home. At first, she is frightened by the honey bee which comes near her. The honey bee assures Rani that the wild honey bees don’t attack anybody unless provoked. She had never seen a honey bee that could talk. The wild honey bee tells her that she is the queen (Rani) bee. She tells her that when the hunters come to take honey they destroy their homes and kill their babies. She says that while the bees give humans delicious and nutritious honey, human only give them trouble. Rani is astonished to know from the bee that one-third of the food sources of the humans come from honey bees through pollination. Rani also learns about the humans causing trouble to the bees with activities such as deforestation and pollution. The honey bee wants humans to collect honey without troubling them. Rani is suddenly wakened up by her mother only to realize that she had been dreaming. Then, she sees a huge honey bee humming past her and leaving towards the forest.
This illustrated book aims to provide awareness among children about the importance of wild honey bees.