भुन भुन माहुरी भिरैमा


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March 2017


Krishna is very curious to go with his grandfather in a honey hunting trip. His grandfather is the head of a honey hunting group and is planning for the next day visit with the group. Krishna pleads his grandfather to accompany him in his honey hunting trip. The next day they embark on the journey. The group has to travel through high dangerous cliffs and bushes of cardamom. Krishna despite being tired and scared does not get bothered as he is excited to taste the wild honey and compare that to the one he ate at home. On reaching the destination, Krishna is fascinated to see much larger honey bees than he had imagined. The group burns leaf litters to ward off the honey bees from the cliff. The group pray — a part of a ritual — and his grandfather start to climb the edges of the cliff on a rope ladder to extract the honey. Two sticks are used to extract the honey and there are other people down to collect them. His grandfather extracts a lot of honey and Krishna could finally taste them. Krishna is very happy with his trip and can’t wait to share his stories with his friends.
This illustrated book aims to provide awareness to the children about the importance of wild honey bees in Nepal.