Deepak Kumar Rijal, PhD.

Deepak Kumar Rijal, PhD


Deepak Rijal holds a PhD in International Environment and Development Studies and an MSc in Agricultural environment and Development from the University of Life Sciences, Norway and University of East Anglia, UK respectively. Dr. Rjjal worked for the Government of Nepal as Agronomist and Plant Breeder; as Seed Development Officer at Koshi Hills Agriculture Program, as On-Farm Agronomist at the Pakhribas Agricultural Research Centre and as Programme Officer at LI-BIRD. Dr. Rijal worked as Science Laboratory Manager/Technician at Reading Girls' School, UK, as National Facilitator on National Adaptation Program of Action, Climate Adaptation Design and Piloting Project and Nepal Climate Change Support Program and Developing Local Scale Adaption Planning of the Government of Nepal. 

Dr. Rijal was heavily engaged in national level strategy and programme designing especially on climate change, low carbon economic development pathways, National Strategy development on volunteerism, Review of Human Resources Development Strategy of the Ministry of Forest, capacity building, design and development of training of Trainers’ Manual development for the USAID Hariyo Ban Program, Nepal Climate Change Support Program, Pilot Project on Climate Resilient. He comes from a strong multidisciplinary background with over 25 years of experience in strategic planning; project design; and the management of multi-culture and multi-disciplinary team. He is currently affiliated with DAI Inc. and also heads a Nepali Company called Adaptation Group of Nepal, AGON Nepal.