Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)


To mainstream GESI in programmes, the workforce and workplace for equitable impact, strengthening institutional governance and programme quality.

Gender inequality and social exclusion is common in rural Nepal. Addressing inequality and exclusion is a prerequisite for designing and delivering quality research and development programmes. In this strategy period, we will make concerted effort to mainstream GESI in our programmes, workforce and workplace to improve programme quality and to strengthen institutional governance. The application of GESI tools, notably gender sensitive budgeting, fund flow analysis and additional tools, will be identified and piloted for mainstreaming across our programmes.

To achieve this objective, within five year, LI-BIRD will:

  • Identify, test and promote gender-friendly agricultural tools, technologies and approaches to reduce women’s workload and drudgery;
  • Pilot and Institutionalize GESI responsive programme planning, budgeting, and tracking fund flow;
  • Enforce affirmative action to increase women’s representation and participation in LI-BIRD’s management and governing body, and ensure that women and members from disadvantaged groups are attracted and retained; and
  • Engage government policy makers and law makers, especially women parliamentarians, to advocate for, and bring GESI friendly changes in national agriculture, biodiversity, climate change, and natural resource management policies and plans.
Emergency Preparedness and Response
To build institutional capacity for delivering effective emergency response to disaster affected communities.
Knowledge Management and Capacity Building
To institutionalize knowledge management and capacity building for wider impact and strengthening organizational learning.