साना किसानहरुको पोषण तथा आयआर्जन सुधारका लागि घरबगैंचा समायोजन निर्देशिका
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July 2014


This publication is a part of Home Garden Project Phase III, implemented by LI-BIRD during April 2009-January 2014 with the funding support from Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Nepal. The publication is a flyer which contains general introduction of home garden, its relevance of mainstreaming into other livelihood oriented projects and the process of mainstreaming.

Malnutrition is a prominent challenge in Nepal. In the past the Government of Nepal addressed the problem of malnutrition with nutritional supplementation, food fortification and nutritional education. However, these options were mostly feasible for people living in accessible areas rather than the rural poor. Agriculture based dietary diversification, especially through household level interventions, is being increasingly considered as a more sustainable strategy in addition to other approaches to address malnutrition. LI-BIRD has demonstrated that an integrated home garden approach promoting biodiversity management at household levels is an effective means to improve the nutrition of smallholder farmers. It can be easily integrated into existing livelihood programmes, due to its low cost and suitability for all community members, especially disadvantaged families. It is believed that, eight general steps of mainstreaming Home Garden approach, will facilitate the development practitioners to integrate this approach in their project/programmes.