LI-BIRD Strategy 2030 (2024-2030)



February 2024


The new strategy draws upon our lessons from the 2017-2022 strategy plan and in-depth analysis of the operating environment. The analysis was conducted through a broad-based participatory process involving staff and our members, development partners, government agencies, and local partners and communities. The new strategy describes our vision, mission and goal, institutional governance and core values, programming principles and approaches, key impact areas, outcomes and pathways, and resource mobilisation strategies that will guide our work through 2030. During this strategy period, we will build on our experience to advance and accelerate our work along the research-development continuum. We will continue to expand our reach and amplify our results by building new partnerships and alliances and strengthening current ones across relevant sectors and disciplines, and by working closely with local partners and communities who are best able to assess and identify solutions to the problems that matter most to them.