Stories of Change from Doti and Achham

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February 2017


Stories of Change provides insights into the lives of different farmers of Doti and Accham Districts who have significantly improved their livelihoods with the support of ‘Sustainable Agricultural Development for Smallholder and Marginalized Farmers in Far Western Hills of Nepal (SADP)’ project. Women farmers like Patuki Devi and Narapata Thakualla have set examples to the youths by actively participating in community activities and earning income from vegetables, fruits and livestock. Similarly, farmers like Arjun Bahadur Bogati and Krit Bahadur Chand have also set examples to the youths by returning to the homeland, and benefitting from commercial farming. The farmers have been actively involved in activities such as Integrated home garden management and integrated pest management, and are successful in cultivating seasonal and off seasonal vegetables.