Proceedings of the Second Agrobiodiversity Working Group Meeting


April 2022


The Second Agro-biodiversity Working Group (ABD-WG) meeting was organized at Directorate of Agricultural Research, Province-1, Tarahara, Sunsari on 9 and 10th Mangsir with the main objectives of updating the status of conservation and utilization of native agro-biodiversity in Nepal, orientation of stakeholders on agro-biodiversity related national and international polices and documentation of agriculture genetic resources of province-1. This program was jointly organized by National Genebank, Centre for Crop Development and Agro Bio-diversity Conservation (CCDABC), LI-BIRD Nepal and Nepal Agro-biodiversity Society (NABS). There were altogether 68 participants representing all the stakeholders related to agro-biodiversity conservation in Province-1. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Keshav Prasad Shrestha (Director, DoAR Tarahara) and inaugurated by chief guest Dr. Ramananda Tiwari (Secretory, MoLMAC, Province-1). This program was facilitated by Krishna Hari Ghimire (Senior Scientist, Genebank).