Organic Fertilizer (Jeevamrit) and Organic Pesticide (Beejamrit)
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June 2020


Zero Budget Natural Farming System (ZBNFS) is an agricultural practice where the investment of the farmers is minimum that means farmers can easily adopt it with less investment (using local materials available in their locality). Since this farming system was developed by an Indian agriculture expert, Subash Palekar, it is also referred as Subash Palekar Natural Farming (Ganesan, 2013). ZBNFS is based on the principle that soil has all the nutrients required for the plants around its root zone but they cannot be absorbed by the plants easily. So, prganic pesticide and prganic fertilizer could be appropriate options which enhance the microbial activity in soil and increase the uptake of the nutrient by the plant. Plants depend on soil only for 1.5–2.5 percent of nutrients required for them and remaining amounts are taken from air, water and sunlight (Chore, 2016).