More than rain : Climate Change Risk, Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies at Community Level in Nepal


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September 2005


Climate change is at the top of the agenda world wide. Scientists, academics and researchers produce reports on the prospected consequences of various scenarios.
Rising temperatures, changing weather patterns resulting in hurricanes, large floods, as well as intense droughts, has already become more normal than before. However, there are few reports from the people who daily have to deal with the consequences of climate change. This fact sheet will tell the story of climate change and its consequences from the view of local Nepali farmers. We will show how farmers use biological diversity and traditional knowledge associated to
this diversity to overcome these climatic changes. Nepali farmers have for thousands of years had to adapt to changing conditions, however faced
by the current climate crisis this will be an even greater challenge. It is important to build on such local expertise and knowledge when designing
the way forward. This case will give an overview of the current climate changes in Nepal and what impact this has on farmers. It will also present how
the innovating farming techniques developed by local farmers and development project are helping farmers to respond to these changes. With their
experience and knowledge, and in collaboration with a local NGO, Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD), the Nepali
farmers have provided The Development Fund with first hand information on the risks of climate change, vulnerability and adaptation strategies at
community level.