From Vulnerability to Sustainability: A Case of Farmer Group Mobilization in Sabal
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October 2019


Sabal utilized farmer group approach as a strategy to reach out its beneficiaries, as well as for planning and implementing livelihood improvement interventions. A total of 2,834 farmer groups, with 59,519 Poor, Vulnerable and Socially Excluded (PVSE) households, as members, were formed and mobilized. Building the capacity of and effective mobilization of farmer groups was instrumental for the success of the project. Therefore, the main objective of this study was to document the process of farmer group formation and mobilization, including the assessment of the status of farmer groups formed by Sabal in six project districts. The specific objectives included: (i) documentation and dissemination of Sabal farmer group formation and mobilization process and procedures that others could potentially replicate in future; (ii) documentation of key learning from Sabal farmer group mobilization experience; and (iii) development of Sabal farmer group database disaggregated by district, Municipality, Ward and village, including group composition, group contact address, etc. for future reference to organizations who may be designing similar projects in these districts, so that they are able to build and capitalize on Sabal farmer groups and their experience. The study utilized secondary data sources collected and maintained by the project. The available data were reviewed and evaluated.