Climate Resilient and Agroecological Farming Practices: Compendium of Good Practices


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September 2022


During the implementation of this programme, a variety of good practices and lessons were learned. To document them and make them available to the community, stakeholders and interested parties, the project team has prepared this compendium of ‘Climate Resilient and Agro-Ecological Farming Practices’. ‘Climate adaptation’ is one aspect of tackling climate vulnerabilities while eco-agriculture is another aspect of environmental protection, ensuring sustainable renewal of natural resources (water, soil, biodiversity, etc.) required for production, reducing the use of non-renewable and chemical resources. It is about improving the health of farmers and consumers. This publication contains similar empirical thematic learning. Its use is expected to have an impact on climate change adaptation and ecological agriculture as well as the sustainable livelihood of smallholder farmers. In order to implement climate adaptation and agro-ecological technologies and practices effectively, the staff of the project, cooperatives and local partner organizations, social workers, leading farmers have gathered the small farmers who benefited from the project and exchanged knowledge on a weekly or monthly basis as required.