Climate Investment Plan for the Agriculture Sector: A Decision Support Tool for Scaling up Climate-Smart Agriculture Technologies and Practices in Gandaki Province, Nepal

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December 2021


MoLMAC, Gandaki Province and LI-BIRD have jointly documented the Climate Investment Plan which I believe will be beneficial not only for enriching CMCFMAVP in the ongoing programs in the municipalities of Gandaki Province in particular, but for its integration in the promotion and adoption of CSA technologies in the province at large. The plan has been prepared in consultation with the relevant stakeholders and with the help of experts to make it more realistic. However, the lack of adequate data up to municipality level is very challenging and therefore rational assumptions have been made based on past trends, current status, and future projections. The document thus forms a strong base for scientific and result oriented planning for MoLMACPA, Gandaki Province in the future.