Baseline Study of Climate and Gender Responsive Resilient Agriculture and Enterprises in Karnali River Basin


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August 2022


Data was collected through primary and secondary sources. The project documents including logical framework of the project were reviewed by the consultants during the study. Household survey, key informant’s interview and focus group discussion were used to collect primary data. Household survey was conducted in 310 sample households collected from members of farmer groups. HH survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews with the sample HH using structured questionnaires through mobile phones and tablet. Five project staff and one enumerator were mobilized while carrying out the household survey. To verify the household surveys and obtain qualitative information, a total of thirteen Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) were conducted with members of farmer groups using structured checklists. Likewise, key informant interviews were carried out with the Mayor of Municipalities and Ward Representatives (Chair, and Secretary), and concerned officials from Karnali Province using checklists.