Approach Paper on Operationalization of Unified Landscape Branding (ULB) for LCPV-DI Project
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March 2020


The project ‘Market-led Approach to Sustainable Management of Agrobiodiversity for Livelihood Outcomes’ implemented by LI-BIRD in partnership with 10 organizations in Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley (LCPV) is funded by the Darwin Initiative (DI) of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK for the period of three years (June 2019 – April 2022). As an innovative element in the project, a market-led approach, namely Unified Landscape Branding (ULB) , is being piloted and the learning thus generated will be derived for wider application. Since ULB is relatively an unproven approach in Nepal, the approach paper on operationalization of the ULB has been prepared with the objective of appraising LI-BIRD management, project team and partners, and key stakeholders on the subject matter. Having said that, the project team acknowledges that they may not be able to anticipate all the conditions nor will they have all the solutions to the problems encountered while operationalizing the ULB approach. But, one thing is certain, the project team will regularly review and reflect on the progress made, and make incremental improvements on the implementation approach.