Western Terai Landscape Complex Project (WTLCP): Findings of baseline survey on socio-economic and agricultural biodiversity

Year: 2010
Authors: Bikash Poudel, Shree Kumar Maharjan, Ram Bahadur Rana, Anuja Shrestha, Pitambar Shrestha, Arjun Basnet, Anu Adhikari, Assaram Gurung, Bimal Raj Regmi, Bhuwon Ratna Sthapit
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The baseline study of the agro-biodiversity component of “Western Terai Landscape Complex Project (WTLCP)” was undertaken to understand and establish benchmark information on the difference in socio-economic, cultural and environmental factors that influence farmer's management practices of agro-biodiversity; to know the status of landraces diversity, associated knowledge base and management practices of crops and animals; to prepare testimony of richness of diversity in landraces of major cereal crops, vegetables and fruits, wild food species with their socio-cultural importance; and to provide suggestions to device effective plan for enabling local communities to reduce exploitative pressure on natural forests and biodiversity resources by building their capacities, maximizing livelihood development options, and sensitizing the real benefits of the biodiversity resources. Study collected and analyzed the primary data through survey of 907 households, i.e. about nine percent of total households in the region, selected through multi-stage random sampling from six Village Development Committees of three districts in Western Terai Landscape Complex.

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