Roshan Pudasaini/LI-BIRD

Promoting Inclusive Governance and Resilience for Right to Food (SAMARTHYA)

SAMARTHYA project is built on the experience gained and lessons learnt from the previous Right to Food (RtF) project (2013-2017). The project is managed by CARE Nepal as the lead organization and LI-BIRD works as a resource partner. The National Farmer Group federation (NFGF) and National Land Right Forum (NLRF) are other two ‘Strategic Partners’ of the project which operate at local to national level as networks. The project is based on participatory approaches for the designing and implementation of technologies and models to ensure that local needs and aspirations of smallholder farmers, especially women and ethnic minorities are met, and the model contributes to develop priorities of the local government for reducing poverty, promoting gender equality and creating climate resilience. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen ‘Contribution of representative people’s organization, individually and in alliances or in network on right to food for the benefit of the impact groups in partnership with local and state government’. In order to achieve the above objective, the project aims to build the capacity of strategic partners to generate evidences for effective policy advocacy through developing, testing, demonstrating and scaling up climate compatible land and resilient agriculture technologies, models and approaches that are affordable, scalable and deliver tangible benefits to the impact groups. 

The impact groups of Samarthya projects are the poor, vulnerable and socially excluded women and adolescent girls. The project is being implemented in the Dhangadhimai Municipality and Bhagwanpur rural Municipality in Siraha district, province 2, and Belka and Chaundandigadi Municipality in Udaypur district, province 1.

Project Details
Countries: Nepal
Working districts: Siraha, Udayapur
Project Duration: 2019 - 2021
Partners: National Farmers Groups Federation (NFGF), National Land Right Forum (NLRF)
Funded by: CARE Nepal
Contact Person: Sagar GC