Keshab Thapa/LI-BIRD

Southern Voices on Adaptation Climate Change

The Joint Principles for Adaptation are a statement by civil society organizations from across the world of what they consider to be a benchmark for good adaptation planning. They were developed in 2014 as a joint initiative by civil society networks working on climate change from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and will be further revised as they are tested in more countries, including Nepal.


In Nepal, JPA is currently piloted with specific focuses on identifying and assessing the current principles of adaptation planning and implementation by different agencies in Nepal and supporting government to design the benchmark for adaptation planning in Nepal through quality interaction and dialogues, and documentation of case studies.


Cases studies of local adaptation plans prepared and implemented by different agencies (Government, UN agencies, Bi-lateral donors, INGOs, NGOs) will be assessed for their adherence to JPA principles. The designed intervention will help in assessing current adaptation planning principles with reference to NAPA, LAPA and Climate Change Policy, and the findings, conclusions and recommendations drawn, and agreements reached will contribute to the refinement of JPA for endorsement.

Project Details
Countries: Nepal
Working districts:
Project Duration: 2014 - 2015
Partners: Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) Kathmandu
Funded by: CARE Denmark
Contact Person: Raju Jati