Bishnu Dhakal/LI-BIRD

Transhumance Study

Funded by: USAID through South Dakota State University (SDSU), America

Animal nutrition profiles on Transhumant System is a scientific study of transhumant livestock energy and nutritional outcomes in Nepal by LI-BIRD in collaboration with South Dakota State University (SDSU) and Arizona State University (ASU), America. 

In this project, we will track daily, seasonal and annual movements of sample herds of both cattle and small ruminants under transhumant system. A monthly field measurement program will collect zoometric and physiological measurements in the sample herds to chart seasonal and annual nutrition and growth profiles of transhumant animals as well as mortality patterns. Vegetation measurements will be collected and analyzed to correlate available forage quantity and quality with animal condition. These data will be used to parameterize an animal energy balance model to analyze periods of weight gain and loss and identify critical periods during the year when weight and condition decline. This study expects that new insights in to critical livestock energy balance which will allow us to identify where and when supplementation and other interventions in herd management could reduce weight, condition and mortality losses and thus improve overall livestock production, with implication for pastoral livelihoods. 


Project Details
Countries: Nepal
Working districts: Lamjung
Project Duration: 2015 - 2016
Funded by:
Contact Person: Bishnu Dhakal