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Piloting and Demonstration of Local Adaptation Technologies and Approaches to Address Climate Change Impacts in Okhaldhunga, Udayapur and Siraha Districts, Nepal

The global climate change and associated climate extremes and disasters have increased uncertainty in the livelihoods of people of least developed countries. In particular, increased risk of floods and droughts is expected to have severe impact on South Asian countries whose economies rely mainly on agriculture, natural resources, and forestry and fisheries sectors. Nepal has also been increasingly facing climate change impacts mainly on agriculture, water, forest, rangelands, human health and infrastructure development. These actual experiences of climate change impacts shape adaptation decision-making and adaptation actions, which can be clearly observed at local levels (households and communities). In order to address some of the major aforementioned problems, LI-BIRD is capitalizing on extensive experience and expertise in combating the negative impacts of climate change, have proposed to pilot climate resilient agricultural interventions along with capacity building of impact groups and target groups.

Project Details
Countries: Nepal
Working districts: Okhaldhunga, Udayapur, Siraha
Project Duration: 2014 - 2016
Partners: Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS)Nepal, National Farmers Groups Federation (NFGF)
Funded by: CARE Denmark, Danida
Contact Person: Raju Jati