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Sustainable agriculture development for smallholder and marginalized farmers in far Western hill of Nepal

Sustainable agriculture development among smallholder and marginalized farmers in far Western hill of Nepal is a project coordinated by Danchurch Aid and jointly implemented by Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD), Food-first Information and Action Network (FIAN), Equality Development Centre (EDC) and Malika Development Organization (MDO) in Doti and Accham districts. Overall objective of the project is to contribute to improved food security and nutrition of smallholder and marginalized farmers through increased agricultural productivity, access to market and participation of targeted farmers, institutions, related CSOs in the decision making processes. The project aims to improve agricultural productivity of smallholder and marginalized farmers living in high food insecure and under-nutrition locations in 6 VDCs of Achham and Doti districts. Similarly, it also focuses on commercialization of agriculture outputs of smallholder and marginalized farmers in the project districts through establishing a proper link of the farmers with various market actors. The project also looks into enhancing the capacity of the farmers to make decision related to agriculture service delivery by the end of the project. LI-BIRD is responsible for providing technical support to the local partners EDC and MDO during project implementation. 

Project Details
Countries: Nepal
Working districts: Doti, Achham
Project Duration: 2014 - 2017
Partners: Dan Church Aid, Equality Development Centre (EDC), FIAN, Malika Development Organization (MDO)
Funded by: European Union
Contact Person: Roshan Pudasaini