Network for Agrobiodiversity Conservation in Nepal (NABIC Nepal)

Agricultural biodiversity is the mostly used form of biological diversity by humankinds. There is a close link between food and nutrition security and agricultural biodiversity, however not adequately integrated so far for its sustainable management in agricultural plans and programs of developing countries. Despite large number of organizations working for food security and agriculture development in Nepal, only few of them have focus activities to promote agro biodiversity conservation through enhancing its utilization in their program. However, there is a greater potential to add value in the work of research and development organizations engaged in agriculture by integrating the perspective of agrobiodiveristy management in their activities that help to enhance food and nutrition security, reduce risks of crop loss or failure due to increased climate stresses and uncertainties that has increasingly appeared during recent time. In this scenario, we realized the need to establish a platform where interested nongovernmental, governmental and farmers’ organizations join together to learn and share views, experiences of agrobiodiversity management from each other which is lacking so far. 

Local Initiatives for Biodiversity Research and Development (LI-BIRD) with the technical and financial support of USC Canada Asia took initiative to establish National on Agro biodiversity Conservation (NABIC)-Nepal as a common platform of relevant stakeholders including farming communities in 2011. 

The goal of NABIC is to promote on farm in situ conservation and utilization of agricultural biodiversity by providing an interactive forum for sharing and learning of relevant knowledge and experiences. 

NABIC-Nepal has its following objectives:

  • To provide an interactive forum for organizations engaged in or having interest in agro-biodiversity;
  • To facilitate sharing and learning of knowledge, experiences and good practices;
  • To promote partnership that strengthen capacity of associated organizations; and
  • To support policy advocacy and lobbying for on-farm conservation and utilization of agricultural biodiversity. 


Project Details
Countries: Nepal
Working districts:
Project Duration: 2011 - 2016
Funded by: USC Canada
Contact Person: Sajal Sthapit