Genetic Resources Policy Initiative, Phase II

Project Title: Strengthening national capacity of Nepal to benefit from Implementation of International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and in particular its Multilateral system of Access and Benefit sharing (GRPI-II)


The overall objective of the project is to develop mechanisms for effective implementation of the Treaty by designing governance structure and developing /revising policies and legal framework through wider consultation and consensus of all the key stakeholders of genetic resources.  The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Develop mechanisms for establishment of multi-stakeholder agreement on framework for implementation of ITPGRFA
  • Design governance mechanisms for the management and control of PGRFA that are under public domains and are in the multilateral system.
  • Identify policy options, incentives mechanisms and develop guidelines and  operational framework  for the implementation of MLS of access and benefit sharing
  • Design and revise policy and legal documents to participate and benefit from MLA system
  • Strengthen capacity of national and local level stakeholders to facilitate MLS of ABS, technology transfer and information sharing  


The immediate outputs and impacts of the project will be implementation of ITPGRFA specifically MLS process. During the implementation process it will help to develop comprehensive knowledge, networks and information systems which will ultimately provide benefits to all stakeholders involved in conservation and use of genetic resources for food and agriculture. Major stakeholders of genetic resources in Nepal such as policy makers, planners, scientific communities, farmers, civil societies and private sectors will be the immediate beneficiaries of the project. . The specific Outputs of the project will be as follows.

  • Establish governance mechanisms for IT implementation. The important output of the project will be development of framework for governance of PGRFA, which will endure  participation of key stakeholders of PGRFA  in project implementation and policy formulation related to MLS  from public, private, I/NGOs, local farming community. The mechanism will provide stakeholder agreement to identify designated authorities for accessing materials included in MLS.
  • Policy research to identify options /solutions: The other important output will be devise mechanism for interdisciplinary policy action research to identify policy options, incentives and solutions for MLS implementation. Consequently, policy information, guidelines and operational framework for the implementation of MLS will be identified and suggested.
  • Communication of the research findings and stakeholder agreement: One of the key outputs of the project will be sharing of results, experiences and information dealing with the project at national and regional levels-particularly the role and benefits of MLS, including progress made by the projects through stakeholder interactions, research findings and media coverage.
  • Project Reports, Papers and Policy Briefs: The tangible outputs of the project will be  project reports, papers and policy briefs developed from policy action research, stakeholder workshop and other activities, which will be shared with other countries and regions.
Project Details
Countries: Nepal
Working districts:
Project Duration: 2012 - 2013
Funded by: Bioversity International
Contact Person: Pashupati Chaudhary