Knowledge Management and Capacity Building for Wider Impact

Goal: To contribute programme effectiveness by facilitating documentation, learning, knowledge sharing and trainings.

We aim to create a conducive learning environment in LI-BIRD by facilitating sharing of knowledge and skill, and innovating in documentation and communications system. Guided by LI-BIRD’s communication strategy, we create targeted messaging for effective knowledge dissemination. We facilitate and conduct professional trainings to build the capacity of development practitioners from civil society, academic institutions, and local government and also international partners.

By effective dissemination of our findings and good practices, and through professional trainings, we try to enable our partners and stakeholders to serve a wider number of farmers in our impact group.

The Knowledge Management and Capacity Building cross-cutting theme performs the following functions:

  • Manage knowledge sharing, documentation and communication systems of LI-BIRD.
  • Disseminate messages and maintain brand identity of LI-BIRD.
  • Prepare and deliver professional trainings on core approaches of LI-BIRD.