Photo: David Borish

Knowledge Management and Capacity Building


To institutionalize knowledge management and capacity building for wider impact and strengthening organizational learning.

Knowledge management and capacity building is one of the critical elements of successful change and the ability to manage change itself. Over the past 25 years, LI-BIRD has accumulated huge amounts of knowledge that is generally not fully utilized, but has the potential to improve our organizational learning and performance. In this strategy period, LI-BIRD will seek to re-utilize that knowledge and create additional useful knowledge, making it available to those who can use it to positively influence their organizational learning and performance. We will also make a concerted effort to improve our database system and automate our management information system for learning purposes.

To achieve this objective, within five year, LI-BIRD will:

  • Establish a fully functional, automated global database and management information system that supports project review, planning, reporting, evaluation and new programme development;
  • Produce women and youth focused knowledge products;
  • Institutionalize and diversify the Tailor Made Training (TMT) courses as a means for sharing knowledge and building capacity of staff, partners and interested stakeholders; and
  • Institutionalize a system of providing technical support to a range of interested stakeholders.