Our Work

We work through three strategic programmes. The Agricultural Innovations for Livelihood Security Programme addresses bottlenecks at the household or group level by tailoring solutions to the specific needs of farmers. The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Livelihoods Programme works at the community or landscape level. It focuses on empowering farmers to manage and safeguard the biological and ecosystem bases for their livelihoods. The Community Resilience to Climate Change Programme focuses on mainstreaming climate change awareness as well as integrating vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning into LI-BIRD’s, civil society organizations’ and government partners’ development and policy actions.

The implementation or delivery of these programmes are supported and strengthened by three cross-cutting themes: i) Social Research and Policy Advocacy for Inclusive Impacts, ii) Gender Equity and Social Inclusion, and iii) Knowledge Management and Capacity Building for Wider Impacts.

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Strategic Programmes

Cross Cutting Themes