LI-BIRD's 21st Annual General Meeting and Organizational Social Audit 2015

Posted on: 9/29/2015

By: Bibudh Dhewaju and Mahesh Shrestha, LI-BIRD

LI-BIRD successfully organized its 21st Annual General Meeting and Social Audit 2015 on 27 September 2015 in Pokhara, Kaski.

The morning session including the 'Organizational Social Audit' was inaugurated by the Chief District Officer of District Administrative Office, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Rawat by planting seeds using a Jab Planter (An efficient agricultural tool which is getting popular among farmers to plant seeds). Emcees, Ms. Laxmi Gurung and Mr. Pitambar Shrestha and the resource person for social audit, Mr. Sarada Kumar Neupane facilitated the session.


Chief Guest, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Rawat, CDO of Kaski inagurating the event by embedding seeds with the use of a 'Jab Planter'

Dr. Balaram Thapa, Executive Director of LI-BIRD emphasized, "Social Audit is a unique and new process that we are institutionalizing since last year. Not many organizations conduct this process. We have received productive feedbacks from the social audit process conducted last year."

Dr. Deepak Rijal, Vice Chair of the Executive Board and Mr. Keshab Thapa, Deputy Director of Programme Development presented a concise update on how the suggestions and feedbacks from last year's Social Audit had been taken into consideration by LI-BIRD. For the purpose of efficiency and time management, the AGM and Social Audit has been conducted in a single day as contrary to the suggestion of organizing the two events in two different days. Mr. Thapa also stressed on receiving approvals of new projects from the Social Welfare Council (SWC) from this year onward as was suggested by the joint monitoring visit of Kaski NGO Federation, DDC Kaski, and SWC. On an another suggestion of the team, he also mentioned that a representative of the executive board had participated in the meeting of LI-BIRD Management Committee (MC) as an invitee from the last fiscal year. On the suggestion of LI-BIRD operating a single Bank Account, Mr. Thapa explained that as “LI-BIRD receives and provides grants to several organizations and hence the need for several bank accounts.” He concluded that, "LI-BIRD is a learning and responsible organization and so we are open to discussions and feedbacks."

Dr. Balaram Thapa gave an overview of LI-BIRD as an organization and its accomplishments in the past year. He highlighted about the 5 years strategic plan of LI-BIRD and how the next 5 years strategic plan would be implemented in the year 2016. He highlighted about LI-BIRD's signature programme, performance indicators and resource mobilization. He noted that to decentralize programme management, 'Cluster Coordination Committee (CCC)' had been formulated in LI-BIRD since 2015. Dr. Thapa underlined the active participation of LI-BIRD in the relief work in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake 2015. He noted about how LI-BIRD “is constantly dedicated to working in performance management of its staff” and how LI-BIRD “has constantly reviewed and updated its staff policy on several matters like comprehensive staff health insurance and emergency medical evacuation, gender equity and social inclusion, sexual harassment and staff performance.”

Dr. Pashupati Chaudhary, Director of Programme Development provided an update on the new programme development and fundraising. He mentioned that LI-BIRD “is trying to focus on fewer but bigger projects mainly related to landscape, watershed and ecosystem based approaches.” Similarly, Dr. Ram Bahadur Rana, Director of Programme Operations highlighted some of the major activities that LI-BIRD had been implementing as signature programmes since its establishment, including home garden (which has now been mainstreamed into the government programme), participatory crop improvement, community seed banks, multi stakeholder forest management for prosperity and climate adapted villages.

Underlining the major achievements of LI-BIRD in 2015, Mr. Bharat Bhandari, Senior Programme Manager presented on how LI-BIRD conducted immediate relief operations to support earthquake affected families. LI-BIRD’s earthquake response is designed in three phases. (See more at: Earthquake 2015: Relief And Rebuilding Plan)


The Cheif Guest Mr. Krishna Bahadur Rawat, Chief District Officer, Kaski honoring Dr. Balaram Thapa, Executive Director of LI-BIRD on behalf of Executive Board

In the course of the event, Dr. Bhuwon Sthapit, member of Executive Board on behalf of Executive Board of LI-BIRD, felicitated Dr. Balaram Thapa for his persistent contribution to LI-BIRD since its beginning and his visionary leadership in the role of Executive Director. He shared that the very concept of LI-BIRD was formulated by them together during their doctorate, supported by Lumle Agricultural Research Centre and Pakhribas Agricultural Research Centre. Dr. Sthapit appreciated Dr. Thapa's strong leadership, his penchant and proficiency in maintaining international relationships and an excellent good governance.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Raut, congratulated LI-BIRD for setting an example to other organizations in Kaski and in Nepal for transparency and accountability. He had already heard about LI-BIRD's contribution in the field of agriculture based research. He expressed about how he was well acquainted with LI-BIRD's most recent contribution and support during the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake 2015. He also mentioned about LI-BIRD's involvement in technology dissemination to help farmers. He praised the staff evaluation system of LI-BIRD and its work policy and financial management.

During the course of the event, feedbacks and suggestions were collected from the representatives of farmer's community, partner organizations, donors, private sectors, media and representative from government officials.  There were suggestion about LI-BIRD's necessity to coordinate more with Community Forest Offices of the districts that it worked on. Similarly, another suggestion was to work out through project for the conservation of Rupa Lake. There was also a suggestion about LI-BIRD's need to be involved in the development process of Chure area. Another suggestion was the need of LI-BIRD to accurately give more details about how it had impacted individual households.

Remarking on those suggestions, Dr. Balaram Thapa said, "We have taken into consideration all the suggestions. This will be the year of implementation for LI-BIRD. We have always considered working in the Chure Conservation Area. It is a poor geographical area. We've been trying hard to work in that area and the process is still going on. It comes under our top priority list."

Achievers of the Year 2015

Every year, LI-BIRD awards the best amongst its staff from the process of Annual Performance Appraisal System. This year LI-BIRD has awarded 6 staff members.  Mr. Shyam Lal Biswakarma., Logistic Assistant of Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme based in Baglung was awarded as the 'Achiever of the year 2015' in the 'Admin Support' category. Similarly, Mr. Khem Raj Chowi based in Pokhara, Kaski and Ms. Brinda Linkha based in Jugu, Dolakha were awarded in the Technical Support category. Mr. Parshu Ram Biswakarma and Ms. Epsha Palikhey were awarded in the Officer category, while Ms. Samjhana Sinjali was awarded as the New Achiever.


Achievers of the year 2015.

Annual General Meeting of LI-BIRD

The second session was 'Annual General Meeting (AGM)', conducted among the General Members and Executive Board Members of LI-BIRD.

Mr. Krishna Prasad Baral, the Chairperson of LI-BIRD, reviewed and presented on last year's AGM Notes and shared the agendas of this year. Dr. Balaram Thapa, Executive Director of LI-BIRD as well as the Board Secretary introduced new General Members of this year. Treasurer of LI-BIRD, Ms. Sharmila Shrestha presented on last year's financial audit report and also enlisted an auditor for the next year.  Mr. Shashi Bhusan Pradhan, Admin and Finance Coordinator of LI-BIRD facilitated the process. The program was concluded by the remarks of General Members and the vote of thanks remarks by Mr. Krishna Prasad Baral.

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