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रेडियाे कार्यक्रम 'ली–बर्डकाे चाैतारी'<p>‘LI-BIRDko Chautari’ is a weekly radio programme produced by LI-BIRD that is broadcast every Friday at 7:15 pm. The radio programme covers 29 districts of Nepal, reaching out to an estimated 4.5 million listeners from 12 different radio stations across Nepal: Radio Taranaga, Pokhara; Ujjyalo 90 Network, Kathmandu; Radio Chautari, Lamjung; Radio Madhyapaschim, Dang; Radio Karnali, Humla; Radio Kailash, Jumla; Hajurko FM, Ramechap; Radio Resunga, Gulmi; Radio Sindhu, Sindhupalchowk; Radio Sarada, Salyan; Radio Bandipur, Tanahun and Madiseti FM, Tanahun. <br><br>

LI-BIRDko Chautari is focused on the lives of the farmers of Nepal. We highlight their voices, initiatives and efforts in farming that are helping them to improve their livelihoods. We also provide useful information and guidance on different agricultural practices with interviews of the experts. <br><br>

We also receive feedback from audiences through phone calls and emails. We request the audiences to give us ‘miscalls’, and when they give us a miscall, we call them back to receive their feedback. We have been receiving suggestions from audiences across Nepal. <br><br>

LI-BIRDKo Chautari can be listened online through our Soundcloud archive. <br>
Link: <a href="https://soundcloud.com/li-birdko-chautari">https://soundcloud.com/li-birdko-chautari</a><br><br>

<a href ="http://libird.org/app/publication/view.aspx?record_id=227">For more information about ‘LI-BIRDKo Chautari’</a></p>
FEATURE: Climate Smart Agriculture – using the airwaves for greater outreachLocal Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD) write about the use of radio programmes to get the messages from a CDKN supported project on climate-smart agriculture across to those most at risk in Nepal. <br><br>

See more at: <a href="http://cdkn.org/2015/09/feature-climate-smart-agriculture-using-the-airwaves-for-greater-outreach/" target ="_blank">http://cdkn.org/2015/09/feature-climate-smart-agriculture-using-the-airwaves-for-greater-outreach/</a><br><br>

Mini Drama: Dadhelo (डढेलाे)Mini Radio Drama/PSA 'Dadhelo: डढेलाे'
Radio Drama: Hamro Biu, Hamro Adhikar (हाम्राे बीउ, हाम्राे अधिकार)Radio Drama 'Hamro Biu, Hamro Adhikar' is produced by LI-BIRD in association with Mandapika Art Group, Kathmandu.
This drama highlights the importance of our environment, biodiversity and natural resources. It also urges the issues of farmers right to seeds and foods.
Radio Drama: Gaunko Katha Estai Huncha Hai (रेडियाे नाटकः गाउँकाे कथा यस्तै हुन्छ है)Radio Drama: Gaunko Katha Estai Huncha Hai (गाउँकाे कथा यस्तै हुन्छ है),
Writer: Sarubhakta,
Editor and Director: Mahesh Shrestha,
Producer: LI-BIRD,
Production Co-ordinator: Muna Udas,
Recordist: Pushkar Regmi,
Artists: Prakash Ghimire, Keshu Shrestha, Bishnu Gautam, Nabaraj Tripathi, Rabina Ale Magar, Gauri Sharma, Dilip Bhandari, Barsha Keshav Parajuli, Mohan Singh Khadka and Krishna Lamsal.