Request for Proposal (RfP)
Establishment of Solar Powered Cold Storage at Aathbish-4, Rakam Karnali, Dailekh


Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in October 1995 with its Head Office in Pokhara and Programme Coordination Office in Lalitpur. LI-BIRD is committed to capitalizing on local resources, innovations and institutions for the sustainable management of natural resources and building resilience to climate change for improving the livelihoods of target beneficiaries that includes smallholder farmers particularly women in Nepal.

LI-BIRD is implementing European Union (EU) funded and DCA Nepal managed ‘Enhanced Action of Inclusive CSOs for Participation in Climate Resilient Economic Growth (UTHAN)’ project in Kanchanpur and Dailekh districts of Nepal. The project aims to work in enhancing the capacity of local governments and CSOs, creating an enabling environment, and promoting Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) technologies and practices in the selected Palikas of Kanchanpur and Dailekh districts. As a part of promoting green farming enterprises and strengthening the marketing system, LI-BIRD has a plan to establish a solar powered cold storage at Aathbish Municipality-4, Rakam Karnali, Dailekh. The   feasibility study of the solar powered cold storage has already been carried out and the project is intended to establish solar powered cold storage with the capacity of 6 MT. Thus, LI-BIRD invites proposal from qualified vendors and/or private companies to accomplish aforementioned tasks.

The Invitation to Tender (where the details of the assignment along with the submission procedure and other relevant documents such as Terms of Reference (Annex 1), Organization and Methodology (Annex 2) and Tender Submission Form (Annex 3) can be found in the link below:

Download Invitation to Tender
Download Tender Guarantee Form

Interested applicants are requested to submit sealed proposal by 24 June 2022, 5:00 pm by hard delivery or courior to the following address below:

Executive Director
Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD)
Head Office: PO Box 324, Pokhara, Nepal Phone: +977 61 576834, 585357 
Programme Coordination Office: Sahachal, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal Phone: +977 01 5440330

The proposal must be written in English language. The proposal received after the deadline will not be entertained and considered for further evaluation. 

A proposal that does not meet the requirements will be discarded. Proposals that meet the requirements and offer the best value for money will be considered for further evaluation process. LI-BIRD reserves the right to accept or reject, wholly or partly any or all the bids without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your proposal.